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Training While Training

on September 7, 2012

These past three weeks I have been settling in at work and at home. My apartment is part of a 4-plex that is shared with the AmeriCorp interns that serve with Project Transformation throughout the school year. We have a community room that is set up in the front room of my apartment and the interns are grouped in 2’s or 3’s in the other 3 apartments. I have my own small kitchen/dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and small living room (for my crafting). My first week of work, there was no one in the apartments, but they have all moved in now and we have had some fun bonding activities so I don’t feel alone anymore. I can be interverted in my own apartment if I choose to be, but I have had plenty of time to spend with other people.

As for church, I have been going to Oak Cliff UMC on Sunday mornings because this is where the Project Transformation offices are held. The service is bilingual and the sermon rotates English and Spanish from week to week. For the weeks that it is in Spanish, there is a translator and ear pieces for the English speakers and vice versa. I have also been connected into First UMC of Richardson thanks to Michelle Wood (a Mission Intern from Dallas area). I have been going to the Access Service in the evenings at FUMC. This service is a small (80ish people) contemporary service, and there is a young adult small group that meets afterward. I am excited about having a small group because I haven’t really been involved in a small church group before!

This week the offices at PT have changed. The interns have started training this week and the afterschool program will start officially next Wednesday. The energy in the office has changed, it is more vibrant and a little noisier, too. Today I will lead my first training for the Site Coordinators. I am excited about this but pretty nervous. I’m leading the curriculum training since that is one of the key components of my job. It’s a little difficult to wrap my mind about training people about things that I am knowlegable but in a different context. The rest of the staff here is super supportive though and has really taken the time to train me and answer my questions. I am truly excited about the things that PT is doing and am excited to help the after school program  grow and improve programming. I think it is truly a blessing to have been placed with such a great organization. They combine my passions in life together and I’m excited I’m here as a new resource.


One response to “Training While Training

  1. Courtney Bell says:

    Sounds like you have been keeping pretty busy and adjusting very well. Looking forward to our Skype “date” this weekend!


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