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on June 25, 2013

So our summer program has finally started! Hooray!!! Starting at the end of May until June 11 I have been helping train new people (mostly summer interns) to take over the summer program. Each summer Project Transformation hires around 100 college-aged young adults to run programs at 9 sites in Dallas, TX and 1 in Denison, TX! That’s a lot of people! Each site has approximately 100 kids! And these college students are in charge of planning and implementing enriching activities from 9-3 Monday-Thursday. Now you may be asking where do I fit in all of this? Well, I’m in charge of the reading program. Each day at every site there are volunteers that come to read with children one-on-one. There is a person at each site responsible for managing this program and I was in charge of training and managing them.

Are you still with me? We also assess every kid in the program on Guided Reading leveling so that we know which books each kiddo should read. We all manage to assess all of the kids at every site in the first 2 days of programming! All of this is to help kids maintain or improve their reading levels in the summer. You may be asking, “Maintain their grades? That’s not very impressive.” Wellllllll, statistics show kids in low income communities, who do not have access to age appropriate books, do not read during the summer and their reading scores go down in the summer. Our program boasts that 96% of kids in our program maintain or improve their reading over summer months. My hope is that this summer we’ll have kids improving their reading abilities over the summer!

We also have added reading focused activities in the afternoons as well. Kids at each site have been placed in groups based on what skills they need to help them improve. Woot! Woot! I’m pumped about this! I’m excited about the reading program!

Okay, enough talking from me… oh, I forgot to mention the best part of my job! I get to go and visit sites and see kids reading with volunteers! I must say that it is pretty adorable. I even got to read with a kid one day, too! So I figured I should show you some pictures of the amazingness that is our reading program!
IMG_0964 IMG_0959 IMG_0957 reading volunteer  (2) reading volunteer  (1)IMG_0996


YAY READING!  Well, that’s all I have for you today!

PS I’m reading this amazing book by Jen Hatmaker called 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, and it is amazing!!! It has given me a lot to think about so I’m probably going to talk about that next time!

Until then, Elisabeth


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